2011-12 seasonnaire hoody design. Absolut worka.
My version of the Keep calm and carry on design giving it my very own alpine twist.
To celebrate a certain Jump bar employee this homage to a certain classic bubble gum brand. A limited run of 20 t-shirts.
Courch beer
My Ramonesque design.
For the 2010 Boss des Bosses Carsberg Export logo was used turning into Courchevel Equipe. Probably the best.... Probably
With a more credit card design Alpine Excess version for the seasonnaire hoodies. Season workers have their benefits
Based on a certain very icon credit card logo. That will do nicely.
To celebrate 20 years of the Boss des Bosses in Chamonix I used the classic porsche gulf colours.
Using the abreviation for "Courch"evel it makes a good crest as it rhymes with Porsche.
My hommage to Andy Warhole with the pop art Campbells soup can.
To celebrate a certain Ski Higher employee this homage to a brand of whiskey. A very limited run of 15 t-shirts.
After Coke it was hard to find another memorable brand that beginned with C. "A glass & a half of mutzig in each valley" should have been "in each bar"
For the back of the seasonnaire hoodies the diet coke was used. As an in joke about "chalet girl arses".
The two C's of Coca Cola turned very easily into Courchevel. With many coke font available this took about 5 minutes to make.
For the seasonnaires hoodies the Carlsberg Export logo was used. Probably the best....
I know everyone else has used the Carlsberg logo bu thats only because it's so iconic. As there is no font available missing lettershad to be hand made.